My First Camping Near the Ocean

Last day I went to camping at ‘Jangho beach Campsite’

This campsite was far from my home(Seoul), but i thought it was worth to visiting

In front of site there are beautiful ocean and sky. It was the sunset time, so I could see a more beautiful sky.

After looking around side, pitched a tent and unpacked.

I bought a shelf this time, it’s good to put many things like pots and Groceries. The best part of that is that it is made of pretty trees. It makes campsite feel more comfortable.

I think the best reason people go to the camping is Camping Food. At least I do. Barbecue is number one of camping food. This time was best for me.

Near that stove, we had comfortable and cozy time.

In the morning, we made a cup of coffee by fort and heat bagel. Like last day, the ocean was still beautiful. I hoped this time was stopped :(

This camping was very special because it was next to the sea. If I can make a reservation next time, I would like to come again. If you visit Gangwon-do, make sure to stop by here.



Designer (Seoul, South Korea)

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